Prof. dr. Bob Pinedo
Committee of Recommendation

Cancer specialist

Professor dr. Bob Pinedo is a retired cancer specialist of world renown and has been honored with many international awards on his work for cancer research. Recently (2014) he received the prestigious David A. Karnofsky Memorial Award by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) . Being only the third non-American who got the award in forty years. Bob Pinedo has been active for over thirty years in cancer research and clinical practice, and is, among other things, founder of the Free University Cancer Centre in Amsterdam. HE is known for his involvement and creative thinking in cancer research, therapy and patientcare. He is still active in cancer research today in the Netherlands and on Curacao. From 1987-2000 Bram Kuiper, one of the two founders of Tired of Cancer, worked together with Bob Pinedo at the Free University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Bob supports the mission of Tired of Cancer, because he cares deeply about the psychosocial aspects of patientcare and is convinced that the Untire app is an innovative tool that can help millions of fatigued cancer patients worldwide.