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Bram Kuiper
Bram Kuiper, PhD Founder / CEO / Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Bram Kuiper is a clinical psychologist, scientific entrepreneur and CEO of Tired of Cancer. Up until July 2017, Bram was the CEO of the Helen Dowling Institute for psycho-oncology and research. With over thirty years of experience in the field of psycho-oncology and in co-writing treatment protocols, he has now devoted his career to seeing the Tired of Cancer app help as many people as possible who suffer from cancer-related fatigue.

Door Vonk, MA.
Door Vonk, MA. Founder / CCO
Door Vonk is a social entrepreneur and founding partner of Tired of Cancer, where she holds the position of CCO. While Door started her career at a bank, she has accumulated over twenty years of experience in fundraising, financial and communication management of social enterprises. She left her own advisory company after nine years to dedicate her full attention and skills to Tired of Cancer.

Inge Bevers
Inge Bevers is our marketing manager. She studied Psychology, with a focus on media, cognition and (online) ergonomics. For the past ten years, she has been working in market research and online marketing. At Tired of Cancer, she can put her marketing and psychology skills to use to promote our app across the globe.

Irene van Oostrum
Irene van Oostrum, BSc. JR. PROJECT OFFICER
Irene van Oostrum recently graduated in Communication Studies and specialized in fundraising. At Tired of Cancer, she works as a junior project officer. She supports the marketing communications activities with great enthusiasm and drive. Irene puts her millennial skills to use to help Tired of Cancer reach as many fatigued cancer patients as possible.

Atse Aukes
Atse Aukes is our all-round project manager. He is responsible for guiding the app’s development, our research project, IT & legal matters, among other things. With a background in Business Administration, Atse has gained seven years of broad IT experience in the field of eHealth, specifically in the mental health sector. With full enthusiasm, he now puts all his skills to use to help make our app a success.
Peter Gielissen
Peter Gielissen
Peter Gielissen is a multimedia and publishing entrepreneur and operates as advisor to Tired of Cancer. In the early days of the internet, Peter founded his first company that brought streaming technology to the Netherlands. Later, he founded a second company (20 FTE), Damocles Publishing, which was acquired by the global ICT company Lost Boys. He has over 25 years of experience within the (fast changing) multimedia business and he is still pioneering technical (digital broadcasting) and media business innovations (shared revenue business models). Peter is with Tired of Cancer because of its potential to innovate medical new media.
Laurens van Kampen
Laurens van Kampen Advisor
Laurens van Kampen is an experienced businessman, having worked the last 15 years for several major (international) companies as director and general manager. In his personal life he has been committed to non-profit initiatives in the field of psycho-oncology. He puts his strategic thinking and goal-oriented advice to use in the Tired of Cancer advisory board.

Henk van der Wal
Henk van der Wal Advisor
Henk van der Wal runs a family-owned, asset based international transport company for more than 35 years and serves as an advisor to Tired of Cancer. In 2009, he decided to change the strategy of the company and created a virtual transport company, a so-called 4 party logistics company. This company is one of the biggest virtual transport companies in Europe. By using the best available software in the industry, Van der Wal’s second company – SmartWay Logistics – makes European transport more sustainable and transparent. Henk supports Tired of Cancer with his business background because he strongly believes, also from personal experience, that the tool will help people during difficult periods in their lives.
Karen van Rassel has been involved with Lymphoma Coalition since its inception and CEO since 2010 and prior to that the ED of Lymphoma Canada since 2002. Before joining the healthcare sector, she was in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years. Karen has been involved with Tired of Cancer since 2014 because the LC Global Patient Survey points to fatigue as the number one issue with patients. This is a one of a kind support tool that will help patients understand that they are not alone and provide guidance and skills to help them with daily living.
Dr. Cobij Heijnen is one of the founding scientists in the field of psychoneuroimmunology. At MD Anderson Cancer Center, she seeks to understand the treatment of cancer-related stress, pain, fatigue and chemotheraphy-induced cognitive deficits, or chemobrain.
Dr. Hagenbeek has been working with cancer patients throughout his career and has specialized in malignant lymphoma/lymphnode cancer (both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma). “Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) appeared to be a significant quality of life deteriorating phenomenon in (cured) patients in my hemato-oncology practice. Docters don’t ask their patients and patients don’t tell their docter , based on my own experience. Underlying reason for the docter : no idea how to handle CRF and for the patient : I don’t want to bother my docter… This unique app will help to change this unacceptable situation, providing improved perspectives for many thousands of patients worldwide who suffer from this undesirable side effect.”
Dr. Marije van der Lee is head of the scientific research department at the Helen Dowling Institute. She also works as a cognitive behavourial therapist and healthcare psychologist at the Helen Dowling Institute. Dr. Van der Lee is involved in several e-health research projects in the field of cancer-related fatigue and hopes to see the Tired of Cancer app help many cancer patients to regain a good quality of life.

    Job offers

    Tired of Cancer BV is looking for a:

    Marketing and Communications Manager 32 hours p/w

    Tired of Cancer BV is a young, dynamic company with a mission to help as many cancer patients as possible worldwide who suffer from cancer-related fatigue. We aspire to do this by offering a self-management program via an app.

    Cancer-related fatigue is the most common problem associated with this disease and we have a unique and scalable solution. We will offer the app internationally. The current English version will be translated into Spanish, German and Dutch in the coming year. We are able to do this, among other things, with the help of a European subsidy (Horizon 2020 SME Phase II).

    We are working with the best professionals in the field of design, technique, marketing and business development. We are looking for an experienced and energetic marketing and communications manager to help realise our mission. Someone who has a sense of both offline and online PR and marketing. Someone who is proactive and willing to push the envelope, with an international perspective.

    What you will be busy with:

    • (Co) development and management of the marketing and communication strategy with the aim of reaching as many cancer patients as possible
    • Copywriting various communications (at least the final editing)
    • The best possible use of free publicity opportunities
    • Managing the website, newsletter and social media channels

    Who are we looking for?

    • Someone with a positive and enthusiastic personality without a 9-5 mentality, because we don’t have that either! If you want your dinner on the table every day at 6 pm, please don’t apply.
    • A (young) professional with a number of years work experience who is strong both in terms of content and strategy
    • Someone who thinks in terms of opportunities, takes initiative and works independently
    • Someone who is fluent in Dutch and English and can easily master our tone of voice
    • Someone who has a feeling for ‘touching and personal’ mass communication and can easily switch between different target groups (business2business as well as business2consumer)
    • Someone creative who is also able to create own content, via online (social) media as well as in printed media
    • Someone who has experience with AdWords, SEO and ASO
    • Someone who is interested in psychology / medical topics
    • Someone with experience in marketing & communication concerning an App is an advantage, but not a must 

    What do we offer?

    • A pleasant, casual and independent work atmosphere
    • Collaboration with ‘big thinkers’ and a network of talented people
    • An office in the city center of Utrecht, easily accessible by public transport
    • A salary that suits your experience, knowledge and skills
    • A one-year contract with the intention for a longer commitment
    • A fantastic experience to make a ‘small’ App ‘big’ with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of many!

    Does this appeal to you? Please contact info@tiredofcancerapp.com before 15 March 2018.